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History of Westminster City Scgool Lodge

This is the 86th year of existence of our Lodge which was formed in 1921 under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey by Old Boys of Westminster City School. The School has a history dating back over 400 years and is still located on its original site at 55 Palace Street in Victoria, London SW1.The Lodge is proud of its links with the School and we are pleased to have in our ranks a number of Old Westminster Citizens (as the Old Boys are called). The Lodge continues to support the School in many ways including an annual prize in our name.

The School has many famous Old Boys and details of these can be found on the OWCA website. They include Professor Sir Cyril Hinshelwood FRS who was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1956 and the Order of Merit in 1960. Many of these Old Boys were Freemasons.

The Lodge also has its weekly Lodge of Instruction evening meetings at the School by kind permission of the Headmaster.

We have two daughter lodges founded by members of our lodge. They are Old Emmanuel Lodge No. 5399 and The Lodge of Simplicity No.7865.

We hope you will take time to follow the links and visit the website of Westminster City School together with that of the Old Westminster Citizens’ Association (OWCA).

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